Amanda Turner Investigations operates throughout the Newcastle upon Tyne area and is the North East’s premier investigation and enquiry agency. The aim of the Agency is to provide a private investigation service to you which is second to none.

We provide a superior service which is tailored to your specific needs. Highly skilled in covert investigations and surveillance we use cutting edge surveillance technology to complement our personal investigation skills and we offer the following services:


Surveillance can be utilised to assist in both Matrimonial or Marital investigations and Corporate investigations.


Often used as a tool to assist conventional surveillances or simply to gather intelligence and information, our GPS tracking systems use the latest technology.


All of our investigators are former police officers who have been fully trained in both interview techniques and in obtaining detailed witness statements of a standard that can be presented in both civil and criminal courts.


We offer local process serving at a competitive price.


We offer this service in the North East to visit and photograph accident scenes and obtain statements from all parties involved.


The only way to be certain that your employees are consistently offering a service that meets your expectations, is to have mystery shoppers visit and report their findings. All of our visits or test purchases are recorded on covert, body-worn cameras so that you can see and hear exactly what occurs. We will present our findings to you in a full detailed report with accompanying DVD.


We offer a locate/trace service to help find estranged family members or debtors.


Buying a house is recognised as being one of the most stressful experiences we will have in our lifetime.  Do you then want to risk moving into your dream home to find that you have the neighbours from hell next door or that the streets are taken over every weekend by rowdy teenagers? We can assist by carrying out neighbourhood checks prior to you exchanging contracts. We can also assist in gathering evidence of on-going neighbourhood problems to offer to local councils or the police.