Corporate Surveillance

Amanda Turner Investigations are experts in surveillance and specialise in covert enquiries. Using covert surveillance techniques and cutting-edge technology we assist corporate entities and businesses in detecting fraudulent activities that are being carried out by dishonest employees.

Our confidential professional services will enable any business to effectively deal with Fraud and Abuse of trust through swift and decisive discipline action.

The 2010 Absence and Workplace Health Survey1 found that of the 180 million sick days taken in 2009, 27 million were not genuine.

The North East sits alongside the North West and East of England as having the highest rates of absence from the workplace 2.

The average employee is absent for 7.4 days per year.  This absenteeism costs £692 per employee per year. Only 1 in 4 employers investigate employee absenteeism.

The effects of absenteeism on the workplace are:

  • Deadlines/shipments are missed
  • Morale is lowered
  • There is an increased burden on other employees
  • Productivity/output is reduced
  • There is more stress placed on other employees
  • Overtime costs are increased

In the current climate, can your business afford to employ people who:

  • Regularly lengthen weekends by reporting sick on Fridays and Mondays
  • Regularly report sick with ailments that are minor or difficult to disprove
  • May have a second job which they attend whilst on sick leave
  • Have a hobby or interest which is time consuming and they are reluctant to use all legitimate holiday entitlement
  • Just believe that they are “entitled” to sick “leave” whether ill or not

In 2009/2010, 50,900 Unfair Dismissal cases were files and, on average, claimants were awarded £9,1203.

As a company, you need to gather as much intelligence and evidence as possible before dismissing an employee for any of the above reasons.  Through the use of covert surveillance, we can help gather irrefutable evidence which should assist in avoiding Unfair Dismissal claims or assist in having any employee issue dealt with quickly and cost effectively.

We obtain video footage whenever and wherever practicable.  This will be presented, at the conclusion of the operation alongside a full written report, the standard of which will be suitable for presentation as evidence in any court proceedings.

1Survey conducted by the

Confederation of British Industry & Pfizer

2News release for the Office for
National Statistics dated 23/2/2011

3Information from the Tribunals

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