Matrimonial Surveillance

Prior to contacting a private investigator, most people already have concerns or suspicions and either need reassurance or proof that their concerns are justified.

Has your partner started behaving differently –

  • Making excuses to go out at short notice
  • Dressing differently, taking more pride in their appearance, exercising or dieting
  • Being vague about where they have been or who they have been with
  • Spending excessive time texting or emailing
  • Protecting access to their phone with PIN numbers
  • Deleting call logs or having telephone bills diverted
  • Becoming overly critical towards you, causing arguments

Any number of these changes could point to the development of a new relationship.  We would ask you to monitor their movements and behaviour over the course of 1-2 weeks to attempt to pinpoint the optimum time for surveillance deployment and therefore save money.

By establishing the individual circumstances involved in the investigation, we can then compile an action plan based on subject movement, timescales involved or the clients’ financial circumstances.

This action plan can include static, foot and mobile surveillance and, in certain circumstances, the use of GPS tracking devices. Surveillance can also be used to:

  • Prove co-habitation
  • Prove undeclared earnings
  • To assist in child custody cases
  • To prove or allay any concerns regarding and ex-partners’ new relationship

All evidence is gathered legally and ethically and will be presented in the form of a full written report (if required) and a compilation DVD of all relevant video footage obtained during the observations.

We are experts in covert surveillance.

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